Thursday, January 6, 2011

Early morning at the Lake.. again!

In the gorgeous blueness of the early summer morning lake
the pigeons swoop and fly in wide circles

and a flock of shags like a constellation in the sky
fly over a floating blue balloon.

Balloonists, pigeons, shags and me
all awake and enjoying the cool fresh air
of this beautiful place,

but the ducks
are still asleep
with heads tucked under wings,
floating like marker buoys
on the calm, silvery blue water of a pillowy lake.

I have a friend who cannot swim for fear of sinking and drowning.
Oh to trust my buoyancy enough to sleep on the water's surface!

Make fear a friend
and I  float and  fly!
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  1. Such beautiful pictures and words, Joan. I never tire of seeing pictures of the New Zealand sky. It seems so enchantingly beautiful to me. How peaceful it would be to sleep on the water's surface.

  2. I am catching up on your posts -- these beautiful summer flowers are a refreshment to my winter weary soul. And those fabrics! What wealth! A quilt? What's your plan?

    To sleep on the waves reminds me of the legend of Halcyon -- and it does look as if you're having halcyon days just now.

  3. What gorgeous captures! I love the sleeping ducks...oblivious to everything going on around them. I've never heard of shags before...

  4. Gorgeous photos J, I am loving your blue world.
    'I float and fly' - wonderful!