Friday, January 14, 2011

Just another day on planet Earth..

A fairy clock in my compost.
The only time piece I bother about these lazy hazy days of summer.

How blessed we are when we can live a simple life,

with the blessing of fresh simple food,

and time to see the miracles

all around us..
these are the last of the agapanthus flowers,

I am also thinking of those in Australia,
the driest continent in the world,
suffering from the most dreadful floods...
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  1. We are blessed with a lovely summer aren't we, and all the beauty that it has.
    John has been busy as he is a leader of a SES (State Emergency Services) team in Cairns, he and his group have been working down in the flooded areas. I find it hard to comprehend the size of flood - so many lives lost and so much damage done.

  2. Oh so true M.. It is unbelievable the size and magnitude of the floods. fancy John down there doing his bit.. well done John!

  3. As I sit here surrounded by snow, your gorgeous photos bring me a summer heart!

    I will keep all those affected by the dreadful floods in my prayers.

  4. Such devastation in Australia. We keep praying, Joan.

    Oh, to watch an acapanthus blooming. Such beauties to see and yearn for in our deep winter, and you meal looks delicious. There is nothing quite like a fresh salad in summer. Ooo, enjoy!

  5. It's absolutely heartbreaking...we have friends in Australia and thankfully they are not in the flooded areas, though they have family who have been affected.

    Yes, a simple life is so very very rich.

  6. I love the idea of being on dandelion clock time; and the pleasure in simple things. How lucky we are and how unfortunate those people in Australia whose lives have been so devastated by the floods.