Friday, January 7, 2011

Evening at the lake..

Today was hot and humid.
The north wind blew a taste of tropical heat
making us feel lethargic and looking for the coolness of shade.

Tonight my sister and I walked the lake path in the late twilight coolness,
a slender moon goddess
seeking our attentions.

We sat and listened to the lake waves lapping
and the gentle sound took us in memory back to the bay..
of endless golden summers of our youth;
of driftwood fires on the beach after dark..

of lovers walking hand in hand along the sands at the sea's edge..
  when life was careless and  love was easy.

Now the twilight of our years is before us
.. there is a quiet urgency
not to miss a moment of the beauty of this planet..

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  1. So lovely and peaceful a way to end a day with your sister - your youth. Lovely, Joan.

  2. I felt like I was walking with you and your sister...

    Yes, time seems to move quickly now...and there's an undercurrent of urgency not to miss a magic moment...

  3. JOAN -- beautifully written words that float along with your photographs. Especially liked these words, "there is a quiet urgency not to miss a moment of the beauty of this place." -- barbara

  4. Gorgeous photos and words ...and feelings wrapped into them.
    Yes, be aware, enjoy all this wonderful world of ours has to offer, and quiet times like this are so special.
    Wasn't it a hot sticky night!!

  5. Very poignant and tender, thank you Joan.

  6. Thanks for allowing a peek into your walk, I really enjoyed it. Such beautiful skies and I know that the sound of lapping water was soothing to the soul.