Monday, January 24, 2011

The Rains are over and gone..

24 hours of lovely rain
and a blue sky day today.

The lake is very full again
and ducks and coots and geese are blissfully happy.
I love to sit on this little jetty.

Waiting for a baby Moses to appear among the
raupo reeds?

This morning a dragonfly darted into view
and touched the surface of the water..tip..tip..tip..
as quick as a flash and gone.

He left three perfect circle ripples that spread and crossed on the water
and that is miracle enough for me today.
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  1. You have the ability to capture beauty and profound goodness in a few well-chosen words. This is a perfect example. I have always loved the story of Moses in the Bulrushes and to see the miracle of the dragonfly... Such a fine way to start the morning.

  2. It's beautiful to view the world through your eyes, Joan.

  3. So lovely, so peaceful a scene you paint with your photos and with your words, Joan. Aha. Would't that be something, little Moses in his basket floating by? I love the "tip, tip, tip" of the dragonfly . . .

  4. Dragonflies are one of my favourite things.

    Reading your words, viewing your pictures is an exercise in grace and beauty.

  5. This is so serene after those storms.