Saturday, January 29, 2011

Happenstances on an ordinary morning at the lake.... or Silly Saturday.

Sometimes there is magic and mystery
down at the lake..

Now my name is not Alice
and he wasn't white with a large pocket watch,
but there he was..

a small wild rabbit
nibbling grass amongst the ducks.

A very odd sight.

Further along the path lay two feathers strategically placed.
I began to wonder

and look around

and behind..

and under the macrocarpa trees
a most strange thing..

one black hair net!

' Curiouser and curiouser, ' said Alice.

Now everything usual is beginning to look strange.

Is that a  lone hobbit communing with the giants.
Everything is looking very curious indeed!

Is this world really as we see it?
I think I need to go home for sit down and a good cup of tea!
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  1. Hmm...a mystery, for sure! It's the hair net that has me baffled...

  2. Oh, Joan, your wanderings around your lake delight me so! Thank you.

    Your pictures are beautiful, leaving me yearning for sunshine and warmth today.

    Isn't that phrase "curiouser and curiouser" the best?

  3. oo what a blissfully-exquisite sight, beautiful!

  4. 'Curiouser and curiouser'cried Alice!

    I love your little journey down the 'rabbit hole'!
    Considering it was Lewis Carroll's birthday a couple days ago, this is most appropriate!

  5. lol! A very strange collection indeed, Joan! The hairnet is really strange!

    The bunny is adorable!

  6. Oh, what a delightful little mystery tour. The world is full of puzzles for the imagination, if we have eyes to see them!