Monday, January 17, 2011

Collage 2. a sunny day and a little rain..

sans sun sans colour sans life

in my day today the sun was big and bright and not to be ignored,
and my little garden was full of the brightness of flowers
with faces turned to the sun..

a sunflower of brightness

a zinnea of brightness
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  1. Your collage is very pensive, Joan, but I like it.

    And who couldn't smile looking at the shiny face of a yellow zinnea?

  2. Such a warm treat for this northerner. I love the way you tied the colors, the yellows and oranges of your zinnias to your collage and that tasty bowl of tomatoes. Our day is cold and grey here, so, you colors and sunshine are ever more delightful, Joan.

  3. The pensive figure in the collage is beautiful. I feel rather like that today.

    Nana Jo

  4. Gorgeous art J. I am loving your new series ...and I also love the photos of your garden.

  5. So wonderful to have flowers now. Here is snow,ice and cold. Soon and very

  6. The figure looks like a contented dreamer to me, dreaming of blue skies, space and flight. It's beautiful.

  7. Hello Joan,
    I did not remember if I wished you a Happy New Year !
    So, now I am here to wish you a beautiful, creative and healthy year.

    You started to make collages. You have multiple talents Joan.
    I love this one although it seems a little bit melancholic.
    Have a nice evening

    ♥ Hélène Glehen ♥