Sunday, January 23, 2011

Midsummer Rain

It rained all night
I think

I wasn't awake to know

it has rained all day

water rushing down the gutters

it suddenly stopped at about 4pm

i was upstairs reading
lost in a Sarajevo war

the windows steamed over

on the inside
i thought

but no
the inside of my windows are dry

my house is cooler inside than outside
at this moment
Midsummer Sun
is sucking up all that rain water in steamy glee

it feels like a Moroccan Haman out there
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  1. Hasn't it been dramatic! - such total wetness. I had the windows misting up at the bach too, and when I stepped outside it was like stepping into a warm sauna.

  2. I love to watch the rain from inside the shelter of a warm, comfortable room. Centered around a hearth while feeling something in my heart loosen and drench.

  3. Such a misty, moisty few from your window. Your words make me feel the warmth from afar, Joan, and it is a very good thing to feel on a very cold winter's night.