Monday, January 31, 2011

A Dull Grey Morning..

The sky is cloudy and grey this morning.

Can you hear the sound of the westerly wind

bending the raupo reeds
murmuring through the trees
and the quiet lapping of the water..

and through the copse of beech trees
I swear I could hear the soft padding footsteps
behind me
of a four footed creature
whose quiet name is


There are paths I have never taken
because of that lurking

primal and ancient.

Oh I'm just getting a little melodramatic here of course.. such fun,
but that little primal fear does lurk within the recesses of the mind,
from childhood or maybe somewhere deeper..

Back home I went straight to my books and hunted and found the one I had in my mind after the dull grey morning walk.  A gift received in 1995  and after a hurried read back then, it has sat waiting until today..

Women Who Run With  The Wolves.
Contacting The Power of the Wild Woman
By Clarissa Pinkola Estes

I remembered a conversation with a then young son about life and he said..
How did people get on before psychology was invented?
I guess they had stories, I answered.

As I ate my breakfast I began to read the book 
and the words and wisdom jumped off the page as never before.

I just know I am going to love this book this time round..

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  1. Oh, what a poetic post, Joan. I shivered as I followed your journey into the scary pathways. Women who Run with Wolves is an old favourite of mind, and I'm sure you will find the stories that follow on from your post. Enjoy!

  2. You create such suspense, Joan, with your wondering words and beautiful pictures. I love the photo of your copse of trees. Are those copper beech trees? I think of Sherlock Holmes when I think of beech trees.

    I had the privilege of meeting Clarissa Pinkola Estes when Women who Run with Wolves was published. There was a reading and booksigning at a local bookstore for her and the book sits, signed, on my bookshelves. I should pull it out again. Enjoy your read.

  3. Wonderful pictures and post. Maybe this is my cue to read WWRWW -- a book that I've heard about over and over.