Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Colour and Kaffe..

Kaffe Fassett
was as inspirational as I expected him to be.
His energy and enthusiasm and his artistic flair
is so exciting..

"It's all about colour" says Kaffe

and I picked up a few bits of his fabrics..

and this morning I hung some bunting I made from small scraps from my own stash
to celebrate colour.

It is very warm here today .
Kaffe commented on the strong light and lush greens of New Zealand.
Maybe they will appear in his quilts one day.

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  1. This material and colors are breathtaking. Your celebration of color is like a celebration of manking, Joan, and how did you do it? You picked up all the colors of the flowers blooming. What a joy this is to see.

  2. I love his colours, but the fabrics are rather expensive in New Zealand

  3. What a glorious celebration of colour! Wonderful, thank you.

  4. Oooo, aaaahh, sorry, I'm drooling. I Love fabric and these are gorgeous! Your own New Zealand Prayer Flag. Love it. I may steal the idea this summer. It's a good one. Thanks!

  5. Here in my monochrome white world, viewing these glorious colours are like a burst of summer. Thank you for that.

    Your bunting is gorgeous, and what a great idea!

  6. Wow! Love the bunting (and Eve loves her very own one so much - "Mummy, buntin, Mummy, look"). You will be pleased, I am starting a monthly Ladies' Sewing Circle evening with some friends tonight. Want to come and be our special guest sewer one day?

  7. The bunting is gorgeous! What a way to celebrate and appreciate color, Joan!

  8. Oh but Kaffe's colors are gorgeous! My soul sang when I saw your bunting. What a super idea!

  9. Gorgeous! I think I see some bunting in my future....