Friday, January 14, 2011

Beautiful Hydrangeas...

I am in love with hydrangeas and the colour blue this summer..

I snapped these in my sister's garden.

The blues are so lovely..

but this white is exquisite..

Bella! Bella!

It must be the heat of midsummer that attracts me to the blues and whites just now.

There is a different look about summer now.  The gorgeous blue and white agapanthus that have
been blooming all around the city, especially as you enter the city from the east  the roads are lined with great swathes of blue and white,  now have flower heads  beginning to droop and will soon be dead-headed to stop indiscriminate seeding.  Agapanthus grow so easily here they would soon take over the gardens.
I will be dead-heading the agapanthus in my own garden today. Maybe I will hang some heads to dry.

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  1. Joan, these are so lush and beautiful and such a treat on a cold winter's morn. I love hydrangea, though haven't had much success here in growing them. Our winter snow cover actually lends to a good flowering season, but, the deer have a tendency to nosh on them. Oh well . . .

  2. Yes, these are so cool to look at. My mother always grew beautiful hydrangeas, so your photos bring back many happy memories.