Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Colour colour colour.....

Look at these delicious fabrics.
When the Pam and Glenys retired from their wonderful decor business
they gave me their fabric sample books!!!
Oh lucky me!

I am in love with fabric and colour and texture..

and this is my year for creating something using this treasure trove.

Light and colour and texture.
Mysterious and magic!
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  1. I would love to learn to quilt so that I could actually such lovely fabrics!

  2. I look forward to seeing what you make. They look a bit heavy for quilting?

  3. Oh, my, there is so much beauty in these three postings. Where to begin? I cannot wait to see what you create from this treasure trove of fabric, Joan, and to see the bright, lush fushia, bougainvilla, and those hydrangea - joy supreme.

  4. Love all the colour in your life. Wonderful.

  5. What a feast of colour in your blog posts. I remember being given some sample books many years ago when I was making fabric paintings and using fabrics in my workshops. then I gave them all away a few years ago. Seeing this colourfest has me remembering the sheer delight of fabrics, both textures and tints. I look forward to seeing what new creations emerge.

  6. Oooo, aaaaahh. I love fabrics, too. what a score! I look forward to seeing what you'll create. Fun!

  7. You will have a blast with those, Joan! My favorite part of sewing is going to the fabric store...I get lost in all those amazing bolts of texture and color.