Thursday, January 20, 2011

Midsummer Moon..

Tonight is a full moon night
where I live,
a midsummer night
of flowering and fruitfulness

and the earth rests in the light of the moon,
cool after a day of full summer heat.

The goddess moon is in our sky tonight
full and round
a soft female light
and I draw my day's art thinking of the women of the world
the sacredness of women
who dance a moon dance within their sacred bodies

a nor-east wind brings the sound of drums
and youthful laughter
up from the city
and the dance goes on..

I see the moon from my room upstairs in my house tonight
but the moon goddess and i are at peace for
my sacred moon dance days are over
and there is a gentling of thankfulness in our relationship..

may the soft reflected light
and the pull and power of the moon goddess
guide the dance..

of the women of the earth
bringing fruitfulness and flowering..
and peace

The sculpture I photographed at Arts Post today when I visited the wonderful
Waikato Society of Potters Annual Exhibition.
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  1. Exquistely-beautiful and profound, thank-you, Joan!

    HNY 2011:)

  2. Oh, so beautiful Joan. Isn't it wonderful that we share the same moon, wherever we are? Thank you for visiting my post earlier.

  3. Beautiful words and pictures -- I'm enjoying the thought of your moon cooled summer night.

  4. So beautiful, Joan - thoughts, photos, and art.

  5. I love your post, and your picture of those mysterious moon women. Isn't it fantastic how several of us have been drawn to this very same moon? And it's so hard to photograph! In the end I used camera shake as an asset.

  6. This is beautiful Joan, and I thank you. I don't often get to read or hear from women honoring us, other women, as women, so what you've done here is a true gift. Thank You. Very Much.