Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Another Summery Day..

The glorious colours of summer abound

as we move into high summer

there is that wonderful mellow holiday feeling,

of time spent with friends, chatting and eating outdoors.
Today I have eaten fresh fish caught by John at the beach,
freshly picked beans
and cherry tomatoes that taste of the sun, from my own tiny garden.

This morning Pete's first sunflower opened up like a magic visitor.
During the hot day we have watched this newborn brilliance following the sun
as a child follows its mother
and it makes us smile and feel glad,
even in the heat of the day.

Macrina  Wiederkehr writes how her childhood memories of summer do not include thoughts about heat.

I had never thought about this, but how true it is for me too.
Endless days on the beach as children, in the water,
down the paddocks and sandy banks, in the bush...
always busy and totally involved in play, never noticing the heat.
I remember running across the hot black iron sand, so hot it almost burnt my feet,
but I do not remember complaining of the day being too hot.

As I've grown older I have come to dislike summer heat.
I did not relish the thought of summer coming.

"the lights of the cosmos unite all people on the planet in a great oneness.
As the fiery stars, the intense sun and the reflective moonlight shines on us,
so they bathe each one who dwells on this beautiful sphere of life
with a great illuminating energy.."

As I think about summer now, as I learn to observe the seasons more closely,
I feel my attitude changing.
This heat of the sun is a blessing.
It is the season of flowering and fruitfulness, of seeding and life.
It is the season of playfulness and holiday.
It is the season of browned skin and perspiration.

I think I'm beginning to like Summer after all!

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  1. We are having wonderful weather aren't we. We too are enjoying eating our own vegetables ...but I could do with some of the fresh fish!

  2. So lovely, Joan, and there is nothing quite like eating something plucked out of one's own garden, is there? I love the seasons and the newness each brings (though it is snowing here again today, ha).

  3. Beautiful flower photos to remind us that Spring and Summer is just around the corner for us in Scotland soon :-) Jo

  4. To see your glorious summer unfolding before my eyes is balm to Canadian trying to get through the January blues...

  5. I have had the same love/hate relationship with summer -- loved it as a child; hated it as an adult but now, with the arthritis and creakiness of old age gnawing at me, begin to feel that a little heat might be pleasant. And then, of course, there are the flowers and fruits and vegetables...

  6. Oh what pleasure to eat that food fresh from the garden. As long as the heat of the sun is balanced by the coolness of water, I can manage it. When I look at my garden after many hot dry days I wonder if it feels the same.