Monday, November 15, 2010

Woodcarver from Bethlehem, Tauranga.

Kevin McCardell was once a policeman
who took up woodcarving
as part of his rehabilitation
after a serious assault while on duty.

Wood carving has become his life work
and what he creates from native kauri is remarkable.

Here he is working on an old loved and much worn straw hat
a widow has asked him to replicate.

Extraordinary art!
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  1. What fabulous carvings, I have enjoyed catching up on all your posts. What a wonderful time you and L had.
    We had a rush trip to Waikato Hosp last night as Mum had a stroke. Things looked very grim but she rapidly improved and could even talk ...told me that Jeff wouldn't get enough sleep to be able to go to work today ...which he has done. Tina with Mum now, she in Ward 25.

  2. What interesting wood carvings, and such an interesting way to rehabilitate after a trauma that has led to another career. Thank you for sharing, Joan.
    I do so hope and pray that Marilyn's mum is recovering well.

  3. Amazing talent! Good for Kevin for turning his bad fortune into such amazing works of art!

  4. Joan, how strange that we both posted of woodcarving...though mine is complete fiction and Kevin's work is real and beautiful. I'm so sorry he had to suffer that way, but I'm so glad he found an outlet to ease his pain.

  5. How nice to highlight this man and his artwork. I am continually amazed at all the incredibly talented and creative people there are and the various ways it's expressed. He has an unusual and beautiful avenue of expression. Thank you for drawing our attention to it.

  6. What an encouraging story! Thank you.