Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sweet grasses..

we mow our lawns
and keep them trim and tidy

I rejoice
when I come across a springtime lawn
flouncing the rules
blossoming into grass flowers and seedheads
that look like ballerinas

nothing is as beautiful
as spring grass
fresh and soft

and the child within
would  lie on her back in the grass
 look up into the sun dappled leaves of the springtime trees
remember the peacefulness of cows
long tongues wrapped around soft grass


roll down the hill
in the softness

ah well

I'd better get off home
and mow my lawn
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  1. I enjoy seeing those 'disgraceful flowers', so beautifully photographed. And yes, that spring grass is soft, isn't it?

  2. I Love this post! Your word, "ballerinas," is perfect. I have been giving some thought to turning part of my rather large lawn into meadow in the spring and see what flowers and such emerge from the grass, "disgracefully flouncing the rules." Lovely poetry. "Remembering the peacefulness of cows..." and your closing line is perfect - that resignation to life as we know it vs. as we dream it.

  3. I just love this, Joan. Dandy-lions are ballerinas, aren't they? We used to tease our family and say we grew them for the girls. However would they have gotten through childhood without those first bouquets of dandelions. As Teresa Evangeline says above, this reads like poetry and your words have made my day smile. Thank you.

  4. Beautiful! They do look like little ballerinas twirling across the green.