Saturday, November 27, 2010

Balloons ...

Early this morning when I woke
I heard a whoosh whoosh
and I knew balloons were passing over my house,
floating on a gentle south west breeze
like inverted water drops.

The waning moon was still in the sky,
a watchful goddess,
and I sat on my little deck upstairs
listening to the birdsong in the clear early morning air
and feeling the peacefulness of hot air balloons.

Cheeky starling who is nesting somewhere in my roof
was more watchful of me than any hot air balloons..
The rising sunlight caught the colours in his glossy black feathers.

Hot air balloons are always leaving.
There is no return flight to the lake,
but always moving forward with the breeze until the journey's end.
The end is unknown from the outset.
The journey may be long or brief.
 The support teams follow in vehicles below,
ready to assist when the journey is over.

It seems to me a beautiful metaphor,
just now... 
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  1. And The Silence!In this age of noise, i find the quiet way they travel quite soothing.........Have A Fine Weekend Joan.

  2. Such a wonderful metaphor, Joan. It is hypnotic isn't it watching hot air balloons catching the wind to wherever?

  3. It is a beautiful metaphor, Joan. You captured that perfectly. (and I love the starling shot - looking so lovely with a rainbow irridescence.

  4. Thank you Penny and Talon and Talon.
    You are right about the silence Tony. I miss silence. Living in town now I miss silence and darkness. Balloons have that whoosh of fire ..and then silence as the softly lift. Wonderful

  5. Yes, a beautiful metaphor indeed. There is something mysterious and magical about balloons, and you have captured it beautifully.

  6. Wonderful metaphor and I love the starling, the colors in its surroundings reflected in his feathers.