Friday, November 5, 2010

Clouds.. and loving messages

returning home from Te Awamutu yesterday
with my friend Kath driving,
I could see an ethereal
playful dog
in the clouds..

I wonder..
do you see him too?

My dear sister-in-law Angela
who lives on beautiful Waiheke Island
is so sad  because her beloved dog Eddy
is ill and dying..
I didn't think about this when I saw the cloud dog in the sky..
I had read about Eddy on her Facebook in the morning and when I got home last night.
and looked at the photo I remembered...

Love and hugs to you Angela and your family.
 Thinking of you darlings!
Eddy is a lucky dog to have owned such a loving person
with a big dog loving family.
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  1. Joan,
    You are quite right I can see a dog in these clouds. But how strange for you to see this image and in the same time to learn about that Angela's dog.
    Dogs and cats are good companions for us humans and we are lost when they are not with us anymore.

    I take the opportunity to thank you very much for your kind comments and your purchase. You will receive the painting soon.

    All the best,


  2. Yes, a playful dog! I love how the Universe seems to mirror back our thoughts in these magical ways. Affirmations of Life.

  3. Thankyou so much dearest Joan!At the moment,the only sign he is ill,is he tires easily and has one of his lumps is so big,you can see it sticking out.The cancer was so quick developing that it took me totally aback and am still reeling from it.The really big lump is by his heart with another separate just below it,around the area of his liver.The diagnosis was swift and terminal as there are others appearing every day.However, he IS a dog,and they never complain,just carry on enjoying life and trying their best to please you.Which Eddie does with me all the time, dear fellow.There is nothing can be done,so I shall love him to bits and spoil him and know I have the privilege of having a wonderful dog.He is 14.It isn't too strange to me that you saw a dog in a cloud pattern.Just shows our love for each other and the ones we love,including our dogs!And,I guess,the randomness of clouds!I will know when it is time for me to say goodbye to my little man and the vet will come here.Love you very much,Angelaxx

  4. I definitely see the dog, Joan. I'm so sorry about Eddy. Eddy sounds like he has had a beautiful life and will be surrounded by love to the end. Wonderful dogs stay with us forever in our hearts. And sometimes they visit us in the sky...

    When our cat Rex was ill and dying, my husband saw a double rainbow as he was driving down the highway in the moments that Rex was leaving this world for the other...hubby was just returning from the airport from a business trip and couldn't be with me and the children (then younger) at the vet. Somehow, though, the rainbow made him feel less guilty. I believe in signs like that and the clouds...I think the universe is always speaking to us if we take time to listen...

  5. Yes, it really looks like a playful dog! I'm sorry about Eddy.

  6. A wonderful sight! Romping through heavenly fields -- that's where I'd like to think of the dogs we've had to say goodbye to.

  7. Joan,yes, it does look like a message for you! You and your readers might enjoy some of the messages that others see in the clouds too, such as Tom Lumbrazo's photos at

    Tom's hosting a special 33 day "Bring in the Light 2011" event in December that is focused on raising awareness of just these kinds of messages in our environment that can be a source of comfort and learning. Visitors will be asked to share their experiences just like this! Email me at karen dot lawrence @ if you would like to include the photos and links for the event...