Friday, November 5, 2010

A Funny Old Day....

The most powerful woman in the world,
relaxed and charming,
is visiting our little country
and our Prime Minister called her
President Clinton!

Our city tonight has a distinct smell of gunpowder
and the night air is full of bangs and whoops and whistles
and all manner of pyrotechnics.

No, we are not at war..
it is the 5th of November
Guy Fawkes Night
and fireworks are the name of the game.
What strange festivals we have.

Don't you love the art of children.
This lovely butterfly was made for me by Joanna aged 6
school friend of the princess..
It has a lift up flap that reads beneath

To Joan...Good Luke.

Somehow it sums up the day very well.
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  1. Ha! I'm sure Mrs. Clinton took it all in good stride.

    Whenever I travel, I enjoy picking up local newspapers. They give such a feel of wherever I am and today I feel like I just stepped into New Zealand and am in my robe, sipping hot tea, and enjoying the morning paper. Thank you, Joan, and Good Luke!

  2. Laughing over here - everyone needs a little "Good Luke" :)

    I'm also laughing at the blunder. I imagine she took it with a laugh, too.

  3. Brilliant, I love it (good luke, not Turn Key!)

  4. What a happy butterfly. Smiling at good Luke no doubt! Interesting slip on the part of our prime minister.