Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Daily Doodle..

Wearing a Skirt

if I am at home mid-morning
I make a good cup of coffee
and sit and doodle
and listen to the book of the week
on RadioNZ

it is a very soothing thing
being read to..

this week it is the story of
Freda du Faur

one hundred years ago
she was the first woman to climb Aoraki Mt Cook

she wore a skirt

when a fellow climber
said he would not climb with a climber
wearing a skirt

she replied
what a pity
you'll have to stay behind

The Conquest of Mt Cook   by  Freda du Faur



  1. I like your colourful doodles J.
    Hah, I love Freda's attitude "....you'll have to stay behind." Wonderful.

  2. Your artwork is wonderful. I saw it pop up in my dashboard and I had to go see it. Nice job.

  3. That's really funny. Good on you Freda; you had your riposte at the ready!

  4. Love Freda du Faur's reply. Obviously a woman way ahead of her time. How neat! My daughter climbs - I'll have to tell her about Freda.

    Your doodles always make me feel happy, Joan. :)

  5. I love it! Both your doodle and Freda du Faur's reply.
    Is Radio NZ a public radio station? How interesting it is to hear a book being read through each week. I usually get audio books to play in the car on long trips, especially if I am driving alone. How wonderful it would be to have it already on the radio.

  6. Thanks for your comments everyone. I do appreciate you popping by.
    Penny.. RadioNZ is public radio. If you could be bothered with the following you could listen to the reading!

    that is ..if I've copied it correctly!