Thursday, November 4, 2010

Te Awamutu.. Rosetown NZ

Te Awamutu  means the end of the river. awa  = canoe
mutu =  ending
Canoes could navigate the Manga-o-hoi stream up to Te Awamutu, from there canoes had to be hauled overland. The stream leads into the Waipa river, which in turn joins the mighty Waikato.

November is rose time in New Zealand and
Te Awamutu is Rosetown

My two beautiful sons were both born in Te Awamutu Hospital
in the month of November

and many big bunches of roses
were given to me
to celebrate their births..

Today I met up with Josie, Janet and Kath for lunch in Te Awamutu.
Three J's and a K.
We have been special friends for more than thirty years.

We once all lived in the farming community of Te Pahu
about 15 miles from Te Awamutu.

A lovely sunny day,
after a long lunch we walked and talked our way around TA's
beautiful rose garden.
The flags fluttering on the lamp posts are for
The World Rowing Champs
taking place just now at Lake Karapiro.
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  1. Ah my beautiful hometown - all four of us were born there; Nathan was another who was born in the Te Awamutu Hospital during the Rose Festival. Sounds like you had a wonderful day.

  2. I forgot to mention that our wedding photos were taken in this rose garden.

  3. Blue skies for you and Marilyn! And such roses! Rain is stripping the last of the leaves from the trees here ...

  4. What a joy to know that roses are blooming there right now. Your pictures are gorgeous - I can almost smell the roses - and it sounds like a perfect day for old friends and memories.
    The US has its share of rose towns (even one here, right next to O'Hare Airport, called Roselle - though not quiet and peaceful), but the most well know is Pasadena, CA, home of the Rose Bowl parade and football game. All the floats in the parade must have roses on them. Now, what did I just feel i had to tell this? Oh well, forgive me. I loved hearing here about your Rose Festival, seeing your flowers pictured, and all the lovely thoughts of roses and birth.

  5. Joan, you've just made Grey November (which is how I always think of November capitals and all) bearable. Thank you.

    And long lasting friendships are magical, aren't they? The shorthand speak, the inside jokes, the knowledge just make them super fine.

  6. What beautiful roses in November! And a city called Rosetown. Could it be more lovely ?
    Thank you for the nice bouquet of roses, Joan!

  7. Ah, my most beloved flower. Here in Northern California a few blooms still cling, but we'll be all thorns and hips before long.

  8. beautiful photos, when i was in Te Awamutu recently i found the great Waipa river that i grew up next to had dwindled to a muddy creek, or maybe my child mind had warped the image....