Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Travelling a little South..

I travelled

 with a list 
a gift to buy for a happy birthday in london 

flowers for a cemetery
for a birthday that should've been

a cousin to visit whose family two days ago
 braced themselves for a final goodbye
but miracles happily happen

a lunch with a special friend 

and while I travelled
the clouds
made art in the sky
white feathery
watercolour art
high icy smudges
and fluffy gentleness

the road south is less travelled
and I had all the time in the world
to notice
the clouds
the fold of the hills
the horizon line
the green
the blue 

my friend Janet
took me to a small cafe
The Secret Garden..
a small courtyard with a square of sky
greens and blues
strawberry muffins
milky lattes
and friendship

and all the while
the arty sky
continued the exhibition
of light and vapour
white and blue

i have lots of sewing to do and Christmassy tasks to complete so i may not get to write on your posts for a while.. it isn't that i have forgotten you but time has a way of slipping by when i start looking at the magic things you write.. and another day goes by and my driveway is still unswept my windows uncleaned and my gifts are still unsewn..

i will be here still
just a little unseen
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  1. Good luck with your Christmas preparations, Joan! Hopefully you'll get a little break, so you can come and spread some joy as usual. I love those clouds. And the little café with the furniture and the flowers is so cosy.
    Grethe `)

  2. It is good to know you are there, Joan, busy with holiday work. A good thing. It looks as if the clouds themselves led you to the charming cafe. I love your choices of words and phrases and the ethereal feel they give. Good wishes are floating your way.

  3. The sky is always so inspiring, isn't it? That ever-changing canvas that never fails to make you stop and reflect.

    Yes, it's the busy season again. I hope you enjoy all your sewing and the preparations. You're right - it's so easy to get lost in all the wonderful blogs. :)

  4. The cafe, the clouds, your soft words...a sad line, a happy line, all life's line ...another beautiful post!

  5. I love the contrast between the sweeping clouds and the cosy, friendly-looking Secret Garden cafe. Yes, I'm getting to be busy too and may be around a little less also. I like your words, 'I will be here still, just a little unseen'. I like to think of you sewing: such a peaceful activity.