Monday, November 15, 2010

A Little bit French in Greerton Tauranga.

If you should find yourself in Tauranga
in the need of some sustenance..
go and have a hot chocolate in Le Chat Noir..
in the village of Greerton.

Freddy the owner is from France..
he told us he arrived in NZ with his kiwi partner, two backpacks,
one surfboard and  one baby.. who is now eight!
We are glad you came Freddie and glad you stayed and opened
your French Creperie.

Linda and I had breakfast there one morning..
lovely savoury crepes and French toast with in season berries..yum yum!
Great coffee and a hot chocolate to die for.

un peu francais.. in Greerton. Parfait!
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  1. It sounds like you had a great weekend in Tauranga. I've holidayed at Mt Maunganui a couple of times, but didn't see much of Tauranga itself.
    Joan, if you would like to buy my poetry book, e-mail me at upsidedownpoet at gmail dot com and we can sort something out. I didn't know how to find your e-mail address to let you know

  2. I hope I find myself in Tauranga some day.... It sounds like a short story: "Finding Myself in Tauranga." :)

  3. First flowers, then hot chocolate and crepes. A wonderful holiday you and Linda had, Joan. This looks like a lovely spot to stop and refresh and great photos of the chocolate, food and, oh my, what a great shot of the outdoor seating area - the bike and its shadows stopping by for a rest.

  4. It looks so yummy! Oh, I love hot chocolate. Actually, I love anything chocolate :)

    It's lovely when you find these perfect places while travelling.