Friday, November 19, 2010

it's still Te hei Mauri ora.. around here!

Walking around the lake now
is an assault on my senses..

the cabbage trees are in full flower
and the heady scent
is intoxicating
in the early morning

plants like the jasmine
add to the
cocktail of perfume

and roses are blooming in private gardens
and in the lake rose garden..

is full of the first flush of flowers
and I'm still full of lovely sneezes!

News Flash
Prayers tonight for the thirty + men trapped in a mine on the West Coast of the South Island NZ..
terrible breaking news just come through.. a big explosion deep in the mine.

the words of the ancient song of David are singing in my head..

I lift up my eyes to the mountain
when will help come to me..

may they be safe
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  1. We are just waking to news of the miners there, Joan. Prayers and hope that they will be rescued and safe.

  2. Prayers and best thoughts to them. I love the songs of David....

  3. Can you hear me bawling?
    Our trees are naked and our ground is hardening and the flowers have gone
    boo hoo
    jasmine...oh my enjoy it dear

  4. Hopes and prayers for the safety of the miners.

    What gorgeous shots, Joan. I can only imagine the fragrances. Sorry you're sneezing though!