Monday, November 29, 2010

The Maori Garden.. Hamilton City Gardens.

i love the path that leads to the new Maori garden.
It is pure Aotearoa/New Zealand
with manuka and native grasses and ferns..

and delicate toi toi and harakeke flowering.
Summer is here!

The welcome gate and fences made in the traditional manner

and the small whare beautifully carved.
The only resident in the small whare is
Pungawerewere the spider.

Mahia to whare e

spider, spider, building his house.
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  1. So nice to see. We have cold winter here now. Brrr... Have decorated the house clar for chrismas.

  2. I am loving all these photos you have posted, Joan. The native grasses and other vegetation seem so lush there and your weather seems like paradise. Someday, I will travel to New Zealand and see this all firsthand. In the meantime, i am so grateful to see this here.

  3. Such beautiful photographs. That path just makes me want to go exploring!

    It's wonderful to see these different species of plants. And it's beyond wonderful to see all that green foliage and blue sky when it's grey here and snowing. It's like a mini-vacation for me :)

  4. What a beautifully created garden. Thank you for posting this; I'll make sure I have a look if I'm in Hamilton.