Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Rose Labyrinth..

I've discovered something lovely at the rose garden by the lake.
I can walk it like a labyrinth.
It is planted out in wide circles.
Every bed has a name post for the rose growing in it,
some facing clockwise and some counter-clockwise.

Walking a labyrinth is an ancient prayer form, a meditation.
In the early morning I have the rose garden all to myself.
I walk counter-clockwise to walk the direction of the sun.. source of all life.

As I walk I try to listen and keep my noisy ego voice quiet.
I hear the birds
and the hum of a waking city.
The names of the roses bring people to my mind..

Chicago Peace .. I think of Penny
General MacArthur.. brought Kitty Howard to mind !
News... I think of the miners down south
Rose of Tralee.. I think of my mother, my grandmother and all the strong women
who are my ancestors..

and so many more I cannot recall just now.
A blessing and gratitude I send off for the one in my thoughts.

it has become a beautiful way to walk.

and the roses in the middle
where I finish my labyrinth walk under the round arbour, are

Peace for the Earth
I can wend my way back to where I began.. if the urge takes me
and notice the rose names that show walking clockwise.

If Beltane / October  was the season of greening and sap rise..
November now is the season of flowering and sending forth intoxicating scent.
The cabbage tree flowers along with jasmine, roses and other flowering trees and shrubs
are almost overpowering right now.. but wonderful and delightful.

"As we get older, the world becomes more beautiful.
We might not discover the answers to the great questions of life,
but the questions themselves have disappeared and there is an acceptance of life
that verges on contentment...
We know there is inherent goodness in everything
and we enjoy the present moment more..."
Joy Cowley
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  1. Wow ... thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures. Jane

  2. Wow! I can smell those roses right through the screen, Joan. Glorious photographs and equally glorious thoughts.

  3. What a wonderful place for a walk and I appreciate your closing quote by Joy Crowley.

  4. How wonderful: a rose garden and a contemplative labyrinth walk. I felt bathed in love and memories as I read this, and love the Joy Crowley quote too.