Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The papers..

A cup of tea
and the puzzles in the paper
in the early morning

sometimes I spend more time doing the puzzles
than I do reading the paper..

skim reading is what I do.
I skip what I don't need to know these days
and pour over what enlightens me..
book reviews
interviews of interesting persons

and then do the puzzles

These days of waiting, the news is focused on the Pike River Mine.
The waiting ..
so hard and so frustrating
for the families
and the rescue team.
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  1. I like the ways the shadows make bars on the page, like another puzzle. I'm thinking of those miners too, every day, as the pictures looks bleaker. We are all waiting.

  2. I love the play of shadows in your shots, Joan. I don't read or follow much news - local stuff on the radio, major events when it's hard not to be worried or concerned (like the miners). I find news stresses me out completely - leaving me with a feeling that very little I do can make a difference in the world.

  3. Working puzzles always help take my mind off of things troubling me or help me work through a problem (other than that on the page). We are not getting much news about the miners up here - the waiting and worry must be horrible for the families and friends and for your whole country. I pray.