Monday, February 21, 2011

Swimming in the sea..

Oh the memories of a summer holiday at the beach

the shock of cold water on a hot body
then the body cools and the water feels warm..

the weightlessness of floating

the surge of a wave
and the dumping
and the pull of the undertow..
salt water in your hair..
salty taste in your nose and mouth..

after the wave has gone
the champagne bubbles that follow
popping on the skin while you swim
until the next wave comes
unexpected and dumps you again..

and the joy when you catch a wave
and body surf to the beach
and the sand fills your togs
and laughing for joy
you head once more for the deep..

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  1. You make me want to jump in, Joan. I can feel the salt water in my hair and I can hear your laughter even here and now.

    Love your new banner and oh, those waves!

  2. Oh, Joan! I've been reveling in your beach posts and the beautiful shots of fjord land -- mourning for the penguins and feeling the champagne surf on my skin. I wish I could be there in the flesh -- another Dangerous Old Woman, enjoying the mirror sands with you...

  3. Oh, you've brought back memories of awesome swims, Joan. It's just like that...

  4. We just heard of the earthquake at Christchurch, Joan, and wanted to check up on you and yours and say our prayers are being said for all in New Zealand. Penny

  5. oh tell us all
    how are you now...we heard about the large earthquake...please let us know how you are
    prayers for you and your homeland

  6. Joan, I hope you are okay. Just saw breaking news on CNN about earthquake in Christchurch.
    All the best wishes for you and your family.

  7. Thank you everyone.. I am safe far from Christchurch but we are all in shock at this terrible disaster. When you live in a country with a population of 4 million, everyone knows someone when a disaster like this hits. Love to all Cantabrians. This is so tragic when the city was beginning to rebuild itself. So terrible.