Thursday, February 24, 2011

just another morning?

early morning
the sun is rising

the starlings are softly trilling
and cicadas
like old fashioned typewriters
are tapping out their love letters

 one lone balloon floats in the sky..

all is peaceful
and beautiful

and then I remember..

 and turn on the tv
and wonder

are the birds still singing in

are cicadas still making love music
in Christchurch

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  1. Yes, they make music through their tears.

  2. oh dear... I heard just now that they still hold out hope for survivors...I pray this

  3. Watching footage on NBC News tonight, it really brought home the devastation, the deep grief that must be running through all. Best thoughts to all who are touched by this sad event.

  4. So touchingly beautiful, Joan, and the sun shining its light upon the world is hopeful. We are seeing such devastation on the news and hope that there are still survivors.

  5. I have to say that your header photo reminds me of ruffles on a dress, Joan. It's magnificent.

    Isn't it strange how life goes on and birds keep singing even when horrific things happen? That's one of the hardest things about life...

  6. Greetings Joan! Let me know where I can reach you to talk about St Joan =]

  7. Poignant words. I am reminded of that glorious WH Auden poem, 'Stop all the Clocks'... especially these lines from the last verse:
    'The stars are not wanted now: put out every one; Pack up the moon and dismantle the sun;

    A dear friend whose daughter, son-in-law and two little grandchildren live in Christchurch, called me last evening with the good news that they are all safe. I rejoice in their relief and happiness, and I keep praying for those who have lost someone and for those who are hoping for good news despite all the odds.

  8. Joan, you and New Zealand are in my thoughts every morning and every day. Your verse is so sad and beautiful. One of my friends was in New Zealand two years ago, and he says it is one of the most beautiful places he has ever been. He lived in Christchurch for two weeks and the family he knows there is allright.
    I hope the best for all the people there.

  9. Thank you.. thank you.. kia ora.. kia ora!

    At times like this I am so aware of how we are a global community these days. When disasters strike we know about it instantly all around the world. It can make it feel as though the world is beset with sorrows but it also makes it feel as though the whole world cares.. and the generous giving of help in so many ways is awesomw and humbling. Thank you friends.. you are wonderful!

  10. Your beautiful poem brought the tears...