Sunday, February 27, 2011

As I sit at my computer
this is my view in the early morning.

There are so often beautiful hot-air balloons
floating gently overhead.
Summer is coming to an end
and in a few days time it will officially be Autumn.

Today there are peaceful skies.
I listen to the radio
and hear the stories coming out of Christchurch
and feel an ache as I think of the people there
and their city.
My Gardening magazine arrived yesterday with a supplement for the Ellerslie Garden Show
due to be staged in Christchurch, The Garden City, very soon.
A big marquee was already set up
in the park and was used to shelter the people during those first terrifying days.
The magazine would have been posted out before the quake
and I felt sad to think how quickly life can change.
The Show has been cancelled and ticket money can be re-directed into the EQ Appeal.
But there is also such optimism and heroism.
I love how Catherine's daughter turned the liquefaction 'sands' into a work of art
( see her blog..Still Standing on Her Head).
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  1. Such a peaceful post, Joan. I would love to look my window and see those balloons.

  2. Oh, I miss those balloons! Thanks for link to Still Standing On Her Head, those sandcastles have cheered me up no end xx

  3. Beautiful! It's strange, isn't it, to think of blue skies smiling down on scenes of destruction. But at least they give hope --

  4. Beautiful view, Joan. It's hard to imagine that autumn is creeping in for you. We still have a few weeks before Spring makes her official arrival here though with another 6" of snow overnight, it seems a distant promise.

    I love how you find the beauty in every day. Even more important as we never know what a day truly holds.

  5. thank you Joan; the spaciousness and peace of the sky photos is just what we need at present.