Saturday, February 26, 2011

As the days go by in what has been called New Zealand's darkest days,
and more and more stories are told of bravery and kindness,
of tragedy and joy,
there are so many reasons for gratefulness..

for a government that can put aside politics and focus totally on the people..
for our own  rescue teams and the wonderful teams from Australia and America and around the world who arrived so quickly to help..
for people like the university students who once more picked up spades to help..
for the prayers and messages from friends all around the world..

a tragic time like this reminds us what is important ..

He Tangata!  He Tangata!  He Tangata!
The people.. the people.. the people!


  1. Yes Joan, this is exactly how I feel, what I have been saying! NZers are pulling together and the response from the rest of the world, the love and support in so many ways, is fantastic. We live in a beautiful country in a beautiful world.

  2. Joan, What a beautiful song, and the lyrics so inspiring. I need to be reminded occasionally to see more of the beautiful in the world and its people. I am very grateful for all your posts that point to that daily. Thank you so very much.

  3. I live in Auckland and I have been reading your blogs for a long time since I found you on Jinksy's (my sister-in-law) blog. I have never commented because you have a way of saying all that needs to be said. But this morning you made me bawl my eyes out because what you said is so beautiful and so TRUE. The stories coming out of Christchurch from friends and acquaintances are heart-rending and you hit the spot once again. x

  4. You express this so well, Joan. It is the people that are important and when one part of a country is faced with a tragedy such as this, the whole country feels the pain. We continue to pray for all of New Zealand.

  5. It definitely restores the spirit in dark times to know that people will rise above and open their hearts and lend their hands. Bless the people...

  6. You capture this so well Joan, the power of people pulling together. This is what matters; this is what will heal.