Monday, February 7, 2011

Black Swan..

There was no time for art today
and I was feeling the need to express how I felt about the movie I popped in to see
while in town.


A movie, it seems to me, about the power of the feminine in us..

I have been re-reading
THE WOMEN WHO RUN WITH WOLVES by Clarissa Pinkola Estes

and reading reviews of the movie I had begun to think of it as a fairy story
that teaches us how to claim or reclaim our feminine power,
just as the old stories CP Estes discusses in her book.

I saw the various characters in the movie as parts of the feminine psyche...
naive girl, wild woman, the dark side, the 'too good' mother etc.
There were metaphors common to the old tales.  The copious amounts of blood, for instance.
"..the blood represents the decimation of the deepest and most soulful aspects of one's creative life.."CPE
The seeping blood under the door reminds me of the bleeding key in the Bluebeard story.
Like the stories of old it can shock and horrify.
I would love CP Estes to discuss this movie.

Maybe a movie to see again.I know it will be one to remember
and ponder on.
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  1. Now I must go see it. I had been hesitating, but it sounds like something I would like very much. And, I may need to re-read that book, as well. Thank you for the prompt.

  2. I have heard and read a great deal about this movie, Joan. Your post compels me to see it. It would be a fascinating discussion, wouldn't it, with Estes and to get into the "meat of the matter", beyond the set designs and cinematography? Oh, now you have me on a roll . . . Some movies need to be seen a few times, don't they?

  3. That film is on my list to see. After reading your review, my appetite is wet even more.

    I have a wonderful Clara Pinkola Estes piece of art entitled "Women who Run with the Wolves"!

  4. A film I want to see and a book I want to read... thanks, Joan, for reminding me.