Saturday, February 12, 2011

Fiordland.. Postcards to myself.

Al Brown's TV programme  'Coasters' has me reminiscing about the trip
to Fiordland,
Robert and I took in 2009.

I drew quick sketches and posted them home to myself..

 "You're doing well writing postcards.  Who are you sending them to?"
asked Bob.  You should have seen the look on his face.
He thought I'd truly lost the plot sending them to myself!

but they are a lovely memory.

Have you ever sent home postcards to yourself?
I can thank cousin Raewyn for the idea.

I just googled 'Postcards to Myself' .. and I'm not alone
only about 3 million others ..
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  1. Beautiful cards. I have to confess that I have also sent postcards to myself and at one time wrote a series of postcards to my unborn son. And anyway, what are blogs if they aren't postcards to oneself.

  2. What a fantastic idea! Make me now number 3 million and one. Such a delight to see your artwork, and what a joy it must be to return home after a journey to find such memorable mail. I've not done this, but will.

    I have been known to send friends postcards and tell each one a part of my trip so that they have to ask each other something or other to figure out what I am doing. A puzzle of sorts.

  3. Had never thought about sending a card to myself, but what a lovely idea it is. (Since I can't draw worth a darn, I'll probably continue to buy them!) Joan, you've got the genesis for a book here. Hope you pursue this.

  4. I think that's a fabulous idea - takes you right back to a time and place and the initial reactions to it! So neat!

  5. Cool idea - I'm going to Alaska this year and am definitely going to do this! Thanks for the idea :)

  6. These are wonderful! You are so talented!