Friday, February 18, 2011

A Holiday at the Beach..

I've been away.
At the beach

At The Bach
at The Beach


End of Summer

Swimming everyday..
and yes
one day
white butterflies truly
flew over the breakers while I swam

delicate fluttery butterflies...
what were they doing over the ocean!

In February, the summer holidays are over,
children are back in school.
At Whangamata the summer crowds have gone
and the locals venture out again.
Everyone is smiley and friendly.

I have to say
there were plenty of Dangerous Old Women
on the sands and in the water..
(Can you tell
I listened to Clarissa Pinkola Estes
'The Dangerous Old Woman' tapes while away).
Men too of course..
and dogs.
Lots of dogs and their human friends.

There is nothing so joyful
as a dog let loose on a beach.
Sheer crazy idiotic joyfulness,
chasing waves or sticks or balls,
and checking out other doggy bottoms!
I've talked about the philosophy of chooks..
I could add a philosophy of dogs.
Perfect life.
Walks along the sand, in the hot sun
or by the light of a full moon;
sitting watching the constancy of waves
and the rising and setting of the sun;
the endless lullaby drum and hum of the breakers...
and dear friends
who are truly
Dangerous Old Women
of the loveliest kind.

A truly wonderful end of summer holiday!
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  1. Breakers and butterflies. What were they doing there? They came to visit you, of course. :)

  2. I am enchanted by your time at the sea, Joan, and the white butterflies, how exciting. I wonder if they were beginning to migrate somewhere, or, perhaps like you, just enjoying the last of summer with all the tourists gone.

    So glad to see you back on the pages of your blog.

  3. Joan did you know I am coming to Christchurch and Auckland toward the end of October. The Mercies are sponsoring me

    Have a good day and thanks for stopping by by blog site.,, That sea looks wild and lovely.

  4. Sounds like perfection, Joan, for Dangerous Old Women and dogs alike!

  5. Hope the dangerous women pack their bags and head over to the beaches here in Victoria xx
    Yes - guess who!

  6. Welcome back Joan, I've missed you on the blog! What a delightful, free post! I love the words on your doodle and would love to include it in my new book on ageing (if I'm able to include drawings and if you are agreeable) as it's such a positive and fun image of an older woman having her wild fun.