Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Song for O

he told me he knew the answers to all this

he has the formula
the words to say

say this and you will be saved
he said

so busy saying it
he seemed not to see

so many words

he missed

the unknowingness

the silence

the mystery
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  1. This is so beautiful. As are your photographs, Joan. The heart hears much better than ears, I always think.

  2. Beautiful, Joan. The bridge over the water really touched me. You have a beautiful writing voice.

  3. Your photos, your writing, your heart is so dear, Joan. I read your post late last night here, before retiring for the day, and the image of the bridge over the water, its gently curve, stayed with me as I fell asleep, in the most contemplative of ways. So beautiful.

  4. Beautiful words and beautiful photos.
    Thank you Joan.

  5. The words are great and so are the photos.

  6. Perfect meshing of words and pictures.