Monday, February 28, 2011

Ngahuru.. Autumn... comes in gently..

The first day of Autumn tomorrow.

I am sure the starlings have changed their song
to welcome the mellow season of Autumn.

I lie silently in my bed early in the morning
and listen to their music
and struggle to find words to describe the lovely sounds.

It is a gentle trilling, cooing and slender notes softly rising
and a floating off at the end.
It is absolutely right for the soft season of Autumn.

I was born on the first day of Autumn
and it's quiet mellowness I love.

Starlings have accompanied me through life it seems.

As a child I remember baby starlings deep down in a hollow fence strainer post.
The parent birds did not seem to mind us children peering in
at the upturned too-large
wide open beaks of squawking, naked babies.

This Autumn song of the starlings
awakens memory
and leaves me in a mellow mood.
The day is mellow too.. a soft fog at dawn.

May the mellowness of Autumn bring
peace and calm and healing
to Canterbury..

Illustration:   John Gould.  Great Birds of Britain. 1862-73

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  1. Oh Happy Birthday dear lady
    We, I think are in the minority when it comes to starlings...most people i know think them pesty...ganglike behavior
    But I too have always loved their antics in the garden and their interesting vocals..and those yellow beaks..pricless
    So you are having autumn? Why that means our spring is surely on the way...How I have longed for it. Winter has its own magic but it stays too long sometimes..
    Enjoy your day..your coming year..keeping writing such beautiful posts
    and again, happy day of your birth

  2. I need to appreciate starlings more. It is good to look for the silver lining, isn't it? and you do such a good job at it, Joan. Thank you.

    Have a delightful birthday.

  3. Thank you Suz and Penny. Starlings are rather pesty! Making nests under eaves and rather bossy.. but have you ever seen a flock of starlings flying in the evening?

  4. I hope that Autumn is truly a blessed and beautiful season for you and all of New Zealand, Joan.

  5. Happiest of birthdays, Joan!

    I've loved starlings ever since reading MARY POPPINS -- there was a cheeky bird who came to the nursery window in search of arrowroot biscuit. And I think they're quite beautiful,

  6. Happy birthday, Joan !And thank you for your lovely poem about the starlings. The drawing is a very fine one. Looks like a drawing from an antique book. So your autumn is now? Well, I'm going hunting for spring-signs on Saturday! But our communication is not disturbed by our various seasons! Have a nice birthday with chocolate and cherry-cake or another good cake! Thank you for visiting my blog!
    Grethe ´)

  7. Happy birthday Joan, enjoy your day today - this wonderful autumn day.
    Fantails were the birds of my childhood, they used to come into our old farm house.

  8. Dear Joan - lovely post, thank you. And thank you for continuing to visit my blog, too. I appreciate your presence there.
    re; the startlings (I mean 'starlings' of course, but 'startlings' is what appeared, so I'll let it stay since it seems to fit somehow!), there is beauty and flaw in all creatures, all people, all things. . . hand-in-hand it goes? These birds, for instance, can be rascals, but as you say, 'have you seen a flock flying in the evening?' Aaah.

    Have a very blessed birthday, Joan -

  9. Happy birthday Joan (belatedly). I'm glad you were serenaded in by the starlings.