Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Late Afternoon Walk Around The Gardens.

Today Linda and I went to see the wonderful funny/sad movie "BOY".
After years of teaching in a wonderful low-decile school, I felt I knew these children. So real and heart-breakingly amazing. A movie I will see again..and again...I think.
I have just read Meliors' post "Ruby Anniversary" (Bibliophilia blog) and her post and the movie have made me feel very humble and proud to be a New Zealander.
Later we walked around the city gardens in the late afternoon. I love our gardens. My photos are not good but the gardens were beautiful in the soft light. We finished a happy sisters day with a very scrummy dinner at Chim Choo Ree.

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  1. Joan, I thank you for a lovely tour thru some fabulous gardens. The past few days have been beyond hectic so it was nice to lose myself in such exisite beauty (yes, I take time with photos, like to absorb thir karma). I am forming the most peaceful, delightful mental photo of New Zealand...I mean, friends who've visited have said the same, but it's nice that I can actually see for myself...and, so thank you for being a charming Good Will Ambassadoress!! (Your niece's apt is lovely.)

  2. I really must go for a wander through the gardens, I loved the wee bit I saw of them on Saturday. I agree with you J, I love our country too. We are so blessed to be living here.

  3. I forgot to say that I saw BOY and found it heart wrenching & funny/sad too. I loved the children - all of them so wonderful but I especially loved Rocky ...and I loved his 'powers'. I could easily see the movie again. We saw "Home by Christmas' on Monday, I enjoyed it too; it's completely different of course. It's so good to see such brilliant NZ movies.

  4. Oh M wasn't the little boy wonderful. There is a poster of his face at the theatre and I just love it. Those young actors were so credible and real. That film make is truly gifted.