Wednesday, May 12, 2010

As we walk to the hospital we pass The Sheltering Tree.
I love the roundness of this old tulip tree.
I think of dear Mother Carmel whose idea of heaven was trees.
I love their stillness in the busy city.
I love the way they exhale beautiful oxygen for us to breathe.
I love the way they are shelter for birds and insects.
I love their greeness and the way they mark the seasons for us.

The seat beneath is welcoming.

The child in me wants to climb and sit away up high under it's canopy on it's strong gnarly old branches. When I am very very old I will put on my best wacky witch outfit and sit up high in the tree and scare people walking beneath me....................... just kidding!
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  1. We'll have to let our imaginations give Kitty Phillips a glamorous world...perhaps a famous movie star by another name? perhaps married to one of the minor European royals (for we'd know if she married a Biggie)? Oh, Joan, thank you for your most generous and very, very kind comment. You're a very sweet lady! And when I open your blog, there's that gorgeous tulip tree! What a treasure! I hope that your hospital visits end soon and with a happy ending!!!