Monday, May 24, 2010

My Alma Mater.

Friend Ruth gave me this photo today.
This is our complete High School on the Manukau Peninsula
and our one teacher Mr Aspinall.
His wife used to come to help out , teaching us maths.
Not with much success in my case!
Most of us had been together at Awhitu School since the age of five.
As we grow older we have a strong sense of belonging and enjoy meeting up.
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  1. What great memories! Loved your pics (also in previous post)...our math teacher married one of his students, Sandra, when we graduated. (Couldn't do that now!) They divorced some years later. We've got a reunion in June but can't go as hub and I will be in Europe. Anyway, when Marilyn called about the reunion, it all seemed like yesterday we graduated. It wasn't. But there were moments when time stood still..., funny how that is/was.

  2. Interesting to see your photo J. For the last several years Mr Aspinall has been very involved in our local genealogy group and a building at the local high school is named after his wife.

  3. Fancy that M. Fancy you knowing Mr Aspinall. He probably wasn't that much older than us all those years ago. It just seemed that way.

    Kitty..Time is a strange thing ..mostly we live by our invented time don't we. There is that other time that can't be tied down or measured. When time stands still.. or years just vanish. Fascinating.