Saturday, May 1, 2010

Ross' favourite number was 7.

I made this yesterday then forgot to add it to my blog.
The roses are in the Lake Rose Garden a few minutes from where I live.
13 seems to have been a significant number in my life.
I grew up on a farm with my family who always said
"13 is our lucky number" for example..
our phone number added up to 13 and our dairy number added to 13...
I spent 13 years in a religious order, until my 31st year.
I married Mo, 13 years older than me.
My birthday is the 1 March..his was the 13 March.
13 years between our ages, 13 days between our birthdays.
Yesterday was the 13th anniversary of our darling son Ross' death,
Steve's brother.
I'm not a numerologist.. but...
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