Saturday, May 15, 2010

Our mother.. Jessie Mabel.

Born 1908 .
This photo came to us today . How delighted we are to have this picture of our mother.
She was eighth in a family of twelve. Quick and clever.
She may look feminine and soft but she milked cows and rode horses and reared six children.
She baked our bread and sewed our dresses.
She could chop the head off a chicken for our christmas dinner and make the best plum-duff christmas pudding wrapped in cloth and steamed in the copper and filled with threepenny pieces.
She told us stories and made us "wheelie-beelies" by nailing a tin-can lid onto a long stick that we could ride like a horse.

In her seventies she rode a ten-speed bike and was called Ten-Speed-Granny by her grandchildren.
She wrote poems and danced and skipped when she walked.
She was non-judgemental and loved everyone unconditionally.
When she looked at herself in the mirror she always smiled.
Thank you for being a wonderful mother.
We will love you forever.

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  1. What a wonderful tribute to a great lady! Your love and admiration for your mother traveled the Internet and brought a smile to my face, that peaceful smile one feels in the presence of a love that lives forever. You are truly blessed, Joan, but I think you are the same loving mother to your kids.

  2. Aunty May was beautiful inside and out - a lovely lady.

  3. Where was your Mum born J? Mairoa??