Monday, May 24, 2010

Cold Weather and Knitting Needles!

The cold weather encouraged me to get out my knitting needles!
I've been away for a couple of nights.. including a visit to see
my friend Ruth.. and I managed to knit two little beanies
while chatting!
The wool is cashmere, marino and silk. Very soft and lovely.
Now I just have to crochet some flowers to add to them.
Winter is here and the drought has broken. We've had several days of rain to soak the earth.
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  1. oh i love the little bonnets ... and merino and silk sounds gorgeous ! ...

    your photo is lovely too ... and we share leonard cohen ! love his music and poetry ... for someone who cant actually sing, he has my undivided attention and admiration while i sing along (even worse than he) ....

    its been lovely to find you on my blog ... thank you for commenting

  2. love the beanies - looks like a lovely pattern J. Simple and beautiful.