Tuesday, May 4, 2010

There are lots of clever ducks down at the lake... far from the hunter's gun.
What a dangerous world we live in with a food chain that sustains us.
The ducks here are safe and sound and busy gobbling up other living creatures...
it is all a great mystery to me.
The oneness..
the gloopy soup of atoms we are all part of...
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  1. I've never understood how this big hunter with this big gun could shoot a defenseless critter...perhaps I'd understand if grocery stores didn't exist.

  2. Been thinking about the wild duck and duck bought in the shop, This duck has lived a wild life - known the storm, the lick of rain and the wind. This duck has flown high, resting on billows of air, soaring on air currents and thermal waves.. this duck has nested in wild places and mated with a partner whose call he heard. This duck had the chance to escape death and live on. Not so the store bought duck.