Thursday, May 20, 2010

Daily Doodle.

I rather botched my doodle last night but I like the boat.

I love metaphors. In fact I have come to think that our belief systems are metaphor..
explanations of the inexplicable.
If we all believed this, we would rejoice in the wonderful belief systems there are in our world... the beauty of the metaphors... the amazing diversity of expressing the inexplicible...

instead of saying " My belief is right ..yours is wrong.."
How different our world would be then.
The whole of Earth would dance and we would respect each other.
We could all live simply by the Golden Rule.
Oh what a dreamer I am!
What do you think?

The Catholic Church is where I feel at home. It is old and not perfect
but the metaphors are so beautiful.
It is a church for mystics .
Quiet and sensual.. candles and incense and colour and chanting and...

I have felt the same presence in Hindu, Muslim and Buddhist temples.

What do you think?

Joseph Campbell the American Philospher opened my eyes to myth and metaphor.

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  1. My boat will soon lull me to dreamland for it is evening here. However, I like the way your post provokes thought. Comparative religion is one of my hobbies. I've taken enough courses to know I don't know enough. My husband's Catholic, but not a practicing Catholic. His brother and wife are strong Catholics (no dissent tolerated). My father was ex-communicated from the Catholic Church when he became a Mason. My mother was Lutheran (which I was christened). I am neither comfortable nor uncomfortable in a church or any religious building. To me, it just is. I am, however, very comfortable with the spirituality sitting under a tree offers. I guess what I'm saying is that I believe God is in each of us and in everything, including a church, a curious circle, for sure.

  2. i love metaphor also ... everything has meaning if we take time to consider, look, hear and it all contributes to who we are as we create our own reality. i must look up Campbell and have a read. thanks for that >>> Gina

  3. As I have written in my 'About Me' statement on my blog, I am in the process of learning. So much is new to me. I think of the story of the blind men and the elephant, each man thought he knew exactly what was what but not one of them has the full story - the full understanding. I have so much to learn as I feel as though I have been living as one of the blind men.

  4. What wonderful comments. I love them all. Gina your art is metaphor I know. And sitting under a tree Kittie..ah yes. And M... I'm with you. I think we know nothing really when it comes to spiritual things .. or maybe the more we learn the more we realise how little we know. Anyway thank you for responding to my meanderings ..