Sunday, May 30, 2010

Just Another Doodle.

Sunday morning.
In bed with a cup of tea and toast with honey.
The thermometer in the kitchen showed 15 degrees Celsius..
I can hear the cathedral bells so the breeze is a nor'easter.
The sun is shining but there is a nip in the air.
Two more days and winter officially arrives.

Down in my little garden Willow The Cat lies on the lawn ready to pounce.
Nearby in the small bare Gladitsia tree sit the sparrows
aware of The Cat and eyeing the bread I threw on the lawn earlier.
Little mirrors on the mobile hanging in the tree send small squares of light
dancing like fairies round and round on the green hedge.

I listen to World Watch on Radio NZ and catch up with the wider world
of oil leaks and vulcanoes and Three Hits And You're Out
and people warring and killing whales and ....
and all the while the sun shines and the light hitting my bedroom walls
creates wondrous works of art.

I take up my pen and make marks on my paper
and what appears is a crazy mix of pattern and form..
just like this wondrous planet we live on.

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