Monday, May 3, 2010

Duck For Dinner.

How to cook wild duck breast.
I found Chef Keem, Alaska cooking duck breast on You Tube

Steve joined Father-in-law and Brother-in-law early Saturday morning in the maimai.
The first Saturday in May is Duck Shooting Season opening.
It was a very successful morning and I was presented with some duck breasts.
Tonight I got brave and cooked one for my tea.
I cut the breast into smaller pieces and marinated it in olive oil, chopped garlic and red onion and seasoning.
I put all into my hot scanpan and cooked both sides until well browned.
Meantime I steamed little brussel sprouts and fresh silverbeet from my garden.
I removed the meat to stand while I added some stock to the pan, simmering until thick.I drizzled honey over the sprouts.
The meat was pink inside and my dinner was very delicious. Thank you hunters.
I will save the rest of the duck breasts for when cousin Bernie comes. I think he will enjoy this, with a nice red wine.
Unlike me, he may not like brussel sprouts. I like them barely cooked, still crunchy. They are nice roasted too.
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  1. yummy ... sounds great ... i love how this post is followed up by the safe ducks enjoying their own meal ... :) .... nice, pointed segue >>> Gina