Thursday, October 20, 2011

A wagon ride in the Swiss countryside..

This was such a lovely day

riding through a village....
clippity clop.

Surely the loveliest thing to do.

Fertiliser for Peter's garden.
Maybe we should return to horse power!

Through leafy woods

and the greenest of fields.
Autumn apples ripening in the sunshine.

"High on a hill sang a lonely goatherd..."
These farms are small with cow herds of twenty or so.
This is not big scale farming and there is something so magic about it.
Every inch of this place seems fussed over and cared for.
Neat as a pin.

this was Heidi country for sure.
I'm sure I saw Grandfather's house high up there!
Later in Canada, son Steve found Shirley Temple's Heidi movie on his computer
and Josie and I watched it with much joy.
I also found a good translation of the book 'Heidi' in one of Victoria's fine secondhand bookshops
to bring home for Victoria-Sofia, so entranced with this place was I.

Josie and I have discussions about farming.  She is a  pragmatist who believes in progress.  OK, so I know about subsidies but I am a dreamer who wants little farms where the cows have names and cheese is made from fresh milk and the grass is sweet and full of herbs and nature's fertilisers... 

Peter's wife had a lovely lunch set out for us here.

Peace and orderliness and

simple beauty.

A perfect day in Switzerland.
Ahhh...such memories to keep forever.
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  1. Wonderful pictures, beautifully presented - they bring back memories for me too, of our long ago OE.

  2. Welcome back ,Joan. What a great trip you had. The Swiss photos are absolutely stunning. My favorites! I have not yet been to Switzerland.
    I read Heidi many times with tears as a child. Such a touching story and your photos certainly recall it.

  3. Hej Joan! What a lovely tour you had in a horse wagon. And the apple tree in the sunshine. I love that beautiful house.
    These are really good memories to gather. A lovely country. Looks so clean and nice. I'm looking forward to see more. I'm greedy! ´)

  4. I have been hoping you would show more of the wagons that brought to mind the covered wagons of our early history here in the States. I'm so pleased that you did, Joan.

    Your lovely pictures and mention of your gift to Victoria-Sofia of Heidi makes me want to pull out my copy and read it again. She will love it, especially knowing you were traveling by wagon and eating in this wonderful place.


  5. It sounds like heaven, your wagon trip. What a wonderful leisurely pace to travel at, and how beautiful the countryside is. I can feel myself getting itchy feet as I read these glorious posts.

  6. Another beautifully written account of your travels, Joan.