Wednesday, October 19, 2011


The sad Lion of Lucerne is a poignant sight,

a sad segue with the Palace of Versaille.

This is a memorial to the Swiss Guards who lost their lives
attempting to guard King Louis XVI, King of France.

Beautiful Lucerne.
The twin Steeples of the catherdal

and a convent on a hill.

The clouds lift on Mt Pilatus.

Blessings from Jesus and a nude sunbather.

The deep waters of Lake Lucerne.
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  1. So beautiful, Joan, both your photos and your words. To see this after Versailles must have been so moving.

    Now, I must admit to a giggle escaping with your "blessings from Jesus and a nude sunbather". At least one giggle a day is always a gift. tee hee

  2. Beautiful picture, Joan, Jesus and a naked sunbather!! What a funny combination!
    Lucerne looks like a beautiful city. I like that convent on the hill.
    Thank you Joan.
    Grethe ´)

  3. How beautiful, both photos and words. Thank you Joan.