Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Salzburg, Austria....

Our stay in Salzburg
was sunshine, music and Mozart.

The gardens

the baroque architecture


and statues
(of Sound of Music fame).

The castle that keeps watch over the old town and the River Salzach

and houses that witnessed the gifted Mozart during his life

and the very beginning of it.

Peaceful corners

and baroque fountains..
just the setting for young women dressed in dirndls
for a pre-wedding hen party.

A famous cafe..
(  imagine a cafe founded in 1703 ! )

the cathedral..

more horses..


and bishops.

An evening stroll around the castle on the hill

rewards us with a fabulous view
of a beautiful city
never to be forgotten.
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  1. Austria is all so beautiful, Joan. Each day I see another city or mountain through your eyes and I smile. Thank you for sharing all of your trip with us.