Friday, October 21, 2011

Further pics from a day in the Swiss Countryside..

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  1. Joan, it is such an idyl! It's like a fairy land! And those horse wagons and the horses. Thank you.
    I love their houses.

  2. Catching up on Paris and Switzerland. Yes, Heidi country, indeed. What a beautiful farmhouse!

  3. More beauty, Joan (though I've had a taste for goat cheese and hard crusted bread looking at them).

  4. I'm enjoying my little trips back to Switzerland, through your blog Joan. The wagon and houses are so picturesque, and I can almost smell the grasses.

    P.S. Here at the bach I'm on dialup and your photos have taken a long time to load. Are you loading them on as low resolution? I've recently had to learn to do this with my photos.

  5. What a wonderful way to enjoy the countryside! Thanks for taking us along!