Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Very Small but Perfectly Formed Land of Liechtenstein...

I am very proud to carry my New Zealand Passport.
New Zealand seems to hold a warm place in the hearts of people around the world.
Once upon a time a passport would be stamped in each country of Europe
as one travelled through.
These days we pass from country to country and hardly ever do we receive a stamp.

When we went into Liechtenstein however,
we could have a stamp in our passport if we paid one or two euros
at the Information Centre...
and a very nice stamp it is.

A charming place is Liechtenstein.
The sun was shining brightly and in my photo
you can barely see the castle on the hill
overlooking the capital city of Vaduz.
A real prince and his family live in the castle.

Three wild horses cavort in the square outside the City Hall in Vaduz.
The work of the contemporary Swiss sculptor Nag Arnoldi.

Such a small country is Liechtenstein,
(600 square miles I believe)

that our stay was rather brief but enjoyable.

Travelling across borders from country to country without crossing oceans and skies
is very novel to those of us who live on sea-surrounded islands far from neighbouring countries.
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  1. I'm always amazed when I think of how effortless people in Europe pass from country to country, much the same way we pass from state to state. I've not done it, but it sounds wonderful, and the idea of living in such a small country is enticing. Thanks for the photos.

  2. Liechtenstein has long held a rather romantic lure to me, Joan; one of long ago and far away and once upon a time. Your pictures bring it alive for me. I would have my passport stamped as well. There is something about a seal that seems so special to me. Ah, see what comes from reading too many fairy tales as a youngster?